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However, a number of other circular or cylindrical-type brushes used in commercial and industrial manufacturing, including wheel brushes, twisted knot wheel brushes, coiled strip brushes and cylinder brushes also qualify as spiral brushes. Read More…

Spiral Brushes Spiral brushes are surface treatment and cleaning tools characterized by their cylindrical shape and spiral bristle configuration. Spiral brushes are usually composed of twisted-in wire bristles, and the term "twisted-in wire brush" has become somewhat synonymous with spiral brushes.
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City of Industry, CA  |  323-724-7777

Gordon Brush® is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of standard & specialty brushes for the commercial, aerospace, military, medical & electronics industries.

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Stow, OH  |  800-888-2861

Spiral Brushes manufactures industrial brushes, custom brushes, power brushes, wire brushes, conveyor cleaning brushes, steel brushes, stainless steel brushes, brass brushes, nylon brushes, abrasive nylon brushes, and natural fiber brushes.

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Cedar Grove, NJ  |  800-278-7437

Our brushes set the standard for the industry. Our customers know they can trust us to provide the highest quality products whether they are stock brushes or custom orders.

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Jenkins Brush Company $$$

Fairfield, NJ  |  800-241-9860

The Industrial Brush Co. is a provider of brushes. Since 1946, we have been committed to providing high quality brushes and customer service for a variety of industrial applications and marketplaces.

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Omaha, NE  |  800-800-6940

Justman Brush specializes in manufacturing custom spiral brushes for industrial, OEM and retail markets. Our custom design and manufacturing capabilities are limited only by your own imagination. Call or send us your specifications. We will work with your company and are happy to manufacture a brush to your exact specifications. Justman Brush, your source for spiral brushes.

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Solon, OH  |  800-252-4747

Precision Brush Company is an industry leader that has the technology, expertise and experience to satisfy all of your brush requirements.

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Albertson, NY  |  800-645-4111

Braun Brush is committed to manufacturing quality brushes using a variety of methods. We offer convenient purchasing of the most extensive brush line available & a unique design-your-own brush service on the web.

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Pomona, CA  |  800-652-7874

West Coast Brush is a leading manufacturer of brushes. We use state-of-the-art technology, allowing us to manufacture almost every size and shape. We have been servicing the industry for over 20 years and strive for the best quality and on-time service.

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Delafield, WI  |  800-234-7002

For over 30 years, Tanis has been a leading brush manufacturer. Tanis has put innovation to work in everything we do, using the latest technology, materials, manufacturing advancements and engineering expertise.

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Used in a wide range of applications, different types of spiral brushes are made in different ways; twisted-in wire brushes feature bristles clamped and spiral twisted between folded wire. Wheel brushes have a solid circular base with radiating bristles. Twisted knot wheel brushes have metal bristles that are grouped together and twisted to increase abrasion. Coiled strip and cylinder brushes are cylindrical brushes with outward facing bristles.

Spiral Cylinder Brushes Spiral Brushes - Spiral Brushes, Inc.

Each of these types of brushes is used to perform different cleaning, deburring, surface finishing and scrubbing functions during the industrial manufacturing process. Twisted-in wire spiral brushes clean bottles, cans, fireplace flues, OEM machine parts, sockets, tubes and tube fittings, equipment parts and other parts. Other common applications include the cleaning of medical instrumentation and valve guides as well as deburring, polishing and swabbing.

Twisted-in wire brushes are relatively easy and cost-effective to manufacture in comparison to some other brush types. Used mainly for cleaning, twisted-in wire brushes are made with nylon, polypropylene or abrasive bristles made of steel, aluminum or brass. Capable of being manufactured very small, twisted-in wire brushes perform cleaning and surfacing applications in tight places that could not be reached otherwise.

Cylinder brushes, coiled strip brushes and wheel brushes are used frequently in conveyorized processing for cleaning, surface roughening, dusting, sorting, washing food products, lint brushing, static dissipation, pipe cleaning, textile felting and surface finishing. Spiral cylinder brushes can be self-cleaning and are ideal for removing undesirable particles from a moving web.

Metal-bristled wheel brushes and twisted knot brushes are often used at high speeds for deburring or surfacing. Bristle material is always determined by the brush's intended application. Deburring process, for example, call for a tough metal material that won't wear down substantially upon contact with another metal. Conversely, a rough metal wire spiral brush might not be appropriate for some surface cleaning processes; this could cause unwanted scratching or abrasion.

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